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1. Warranty period and warranty registration method

  • Warranty period:

    Our products will come with a 12-month guarantee from the date of installation / the time of purchase (on the invoice) or within 18 months from the date of manufacturing (on product stamp). Warranty policy does not apply for all filters and RO, Nano membrane.
    During the warranty period, the product is repaired free of charge if the problem is caused by the manufacturer’s fault and determined by Coway Vina's technician.
  • Warranty registration method:

    Customers can proceed with warranty registration as the followings:

    • Option 1: Scan the QR code on the warranty card in the carton box or warranty stamp attached to the product and fill in the warranty registration form on the website:
      >> www.cowayvina.com.vn/registration_policy.html
    • Option 2: Customers scratch on the warranty card/ warranty stamp to get the warranty code on and send a short message (SMS) to the switchboard number 8099 with the syntax CW [space] Warranty code to 8099 (fee 1,000 VND / 1 message)
    • Option 3: Customers can make a free-call log to Coway Vina hotline:1800 556 892 and follow the instructions.
    Note: To ensure the benefit of customers, Coway Vina Co., Ltd only accepts the warranty registration within 05 days after purchase
  • Warranty location:

    • On site-service warranty: Coway Vina will provide an on-site service warranty for customers who are in the following cities/provinces:
    • The North

      1. Hanoi 11. Thai Nguyen
      2. Bac Ninh 12. Thanh Hoa
      3. Bac Giang 13. Hai Phong
      4. Hung Yen 14. Quang Ninh
      5. Vinh Phuc 15. Hoa Binh
      6. Hai Duong 16. Phu Tho
      7. Ha Nam 17. Tuyen Quang (Chiem Hoa, Ham Yen, Tuyen Quang City, Yen Son, Son Duong)
      8. Nam Dinh 18. Yen Bai (Van Chan, Tran Yen, Yen Binh, Yen Bai City, Van Yen)
      9. Thai Binh 19. Bac Kan (Cho Moi, Bach Thong, Na Ri, Bac Can City, Cho Don)
      10. Ninh Binh 20. Lang Son

      The South

      1. Ho Chi Minh City 11. Dong Thap
      2. Dong Nai 12. Binh Phuoc
      3. Binh Duong 13. Tra Vinh
      4. Ba Ria - Vung Tau 14. Binh Thuan (Ham Tan, Binh Thuan Nam, Tanh Linh, Duc Linh)
      5. Long An 15. Lam Dong (Da Huoai, Bao Loc, Da Teh, Cat Tien)
      6. Tien Giang 16. An Giang (Cho Moi, Long Xuyen, Phu Tan)
      7. Can Tho 17. Hau Giang (Chau Thanh, Nga Bay Town, Chau Thanh A, Phung Hiep)
      8. Vinh Long
      9. Ben Tre
      10. Tay Ninh
      In case Coway Vina can’t do an on-site service warranty or the defective product needs to be sent back to the Coway Dream Service Center (DSC) for checking and repairing, Coway will ask a courier to pick up the product at the customer address or the customer can send the defected product directly to Coway DSC from the nearest post office. After fixing, Coway will send the product back to the customer (All of the shipping fees will be charged to Coway Vina)
    • Warranty service at Coway Vina’s DSC: Customers who are in other provinces and cities, will be asked to send the product back to Coway Vina’s DSC at the following address:
    In Hanoi: At no. A2 Lô 06-07, Shophouse To Huu, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
    In Ho Chi Minh city: At no. 34, Street 20, Him Lam Residential Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
    Note: The defected product must be informed and verified by Coway Vina Co., Ltd ‘s P.I.C before sending back to Coway Vina’s DSC. Customer should contact hotline 1800 556 892 and follow instruction

2. Warranty term & conditions

Products are warranted when the following conditions are met:
  • (1) The product must be under warranty period and registered for warranty under regulations
  • (2) The products were purchased from Coway Vina authorized distributor or our official stores in Vietnam.
  • (3) In case of force majeure that the customer cannot register for warranty on time, the customer needs to provide the purchase invoice, warranty card or warranty stamp, and the serial number on the product label
  • (4) The product has to installed by Coway Vinas’s Technicians or by Coway Vina authorized distributor/agency unless the installation is not required
  • (5) Customers follow strictly with the product manual
  • (6) Customers who require for warranty contacted Coway Vina's DSC at Hotline 1800 556 892 (Fee-call) or sent an email to cs@cowayvina.com.vn . Cour call center’s working hours are from 08 AM – 12 AM-noon and from 1 PM to 5 PM

3. The other situations are not covered by the warranty policy

The product is not under our warranty policy if:
  • (1) The product is out of warranty period.
  • (2) The customer bought or owned the Coway Vina product illegally or from an unofficial channel.
  • (3) The customer does not register for warranty as per our instruction and cannot provide a valid warranty stamp/warranty card and purchase invoice.
  • (4) The customer installs the machine at his discretion, or the installation is done by unauthorized agencies/individuals.
  • (5) Any issues by customer faults as operate wrongly, break or scratch the product or fails to comply with the product manual, which makes the product defects. The external defects, scratches, tears due to external impacts will not be warranted.
  • (6) The product is damaged due to incorrect power source and excessive water pressure, or usage that is not recommended by the manufacturer/ beyond the product's safety features or by using non-genuine Coway Vina Vina’s parts.
  • (7) The product is damaged in force majeure conditions (war, natural disaster, flood, fire, accident, pest, etc) and caused by poor product preservation, by insects or reptiles.
  • (8) Coway Vina Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages/ defects if the repairing is not done by Coway Vina’s technicians or Coway Vina’s authorized technician.
For the products that are not under warranty policy, Coway Vina Co., Ltd. provides a chargeable repairing service upon customer request. The service fee and spare part price list (in case of changing spare parts) will be provided by Coway Vina’ Dream Service Center and be confirmed by customer before service processing.

4. In case of warranty in the form of product exchange

In some cases, customers are entitled to warranty in the form of product return/exchange

4.1.The product has a manufacturer defect within 07 working days from the date of shipping or installation

  • Product exchange conditions:
    • Customers will be right to change products with the same model or return if it has problems due to manufacturing defect and cannot be handled immediately as soon as Coway Vina's technician confirmation.
    • The product is identified as genuine (based on purchase invoice; identification stamp and warranty registration).
    • The product has its original seal, warranty stamp, and full accessories as the original.
    • The condition of the product must be intact, not scratched, distorted, cracked, impacted, damaged, stained, damp by chemicals...
    • The consumables as filters, membrane…will be not covered by our exchange policy. The free exchange will be applied to the customers who agree to use the current RO, Nano membrane, filters. On the contrary, the customer will be charged an extra fee (equivalent to the value of RO, Nano membrane and filters) if they want to exchange all the used RO, Nano membrane and filters.
  • Time for submitting exchange request:
    Within 07 working days from the date of shipping or installation.

4.2. Other special cases still under a product exchange policy

  • The product is still in the warranty period, but Coway Vina production had been stopped and the spare parts are obsolete.
  • The product got more than 3 same type defects in warranty period
  • The product got more than 4 different defects in the warranty period
  • The product was damaged when is in shipping or installation
  • The product was lost during in house repair at Coway Vina DSC

5. New Out-Warranty Service Rate Policy

5.1. Service repair costs

  • Customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City: Coway Vina technicians will repair at the customer's location at a cost of 100,000 VND / 1 case + replacement cost of components (if any).
  • Customers in the suburban area (from the nearest service center from 31 km to 200 km):
    • + Customers using water purifiers and Bidet: Coway Vina technicians will repair them at the customer's location with a fee of 200,000 VND/ 1 repair + replacement cost of components (if any).
    • + Customers using air purifiers: Customers will send defective products to service centers in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (customer pays for the shipping fee).
    Coway Vina will charge 100,000 VND/ 1 repair + replacement cost of components (if any). The product will be sent to the address provided by the customer right after the repair is completed and Coway Vina will bear the cost of returning the goods.

5.2. Service price for filter replacement

  • Customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City: Coway Vina technicians will replace the core at the customer's location free of charge and only charge the filter core.
  • Customers in the suburban area (from the nearest service center from 31 km to 200 km):
    • + Customers using water purifiers: Coway Vina technicians will replace the core at the customer's location free of charge and only charge the filter core.
    • + Customers using air purifiers: Coway Vina will send the filter core to the customer's address and instruct the customer to replace the core by themselves. The customer will pay for the filters cartridge themselves.

5.3. Service price for installation relocation service (cost of dismantling + cost of re-installing at a new location)

  • Customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City:
    • + Dismantling cost: 200,000 VND
    • + Re-installation cost: 200,000 VND
    Note, the technician is only responsible for disassembling and installing the machine, not responsible for transporting the machine.
  • Customers in the full service areas (31 km -> 200 km from the nearest service center):
    • + Dismantling cost: 200,000 VND + 100,000 VND (Travel fee) = 300,000 VND
    • + Re-installation cost: 200,000 VND + 100,000 VND (Travel fee) = 300,000 VND

5. New Out-Warranty Service Rate Policy

Service Type After service labor rate Traveling rate Service Rate =Labour rate + Traveling rate Part & Filter Note
Hanoi/HCMC Other Cities/Provinces Hanoi/HCMC Other Cities/Provinces
30 km 31-200 km 30 km 31-200 km
Filter Change
For Water Purifier Free Free Free Free Free Chargeable Technician will change filters at customer's site in full-service area (area within 200 kilometers of the nearest service center)
For Air Purifier Free Free N/A Free N/A Chargeable Coway technician will only change filters in Hanoi, HCMC only. Coway Vina will send filters to customer in other cites/provinces and guide customers change filter by themselves
City/Provines around 1-> 200km from Coway service center 100.000 Free 100.000 100.000 200.000 Chargeable Free traveling rate (0 VND) is applied for customers in Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City
City/Provines more than 200km from Coway service center 100.000 N/A N/A N/A 100.000 Chargeable Customers send defective product to Coway service center in Hanoi/HCMC, Coway will send product back to customer when finish repairing and support the shipping back fees
Dismantle 200.000 Free 100.000 200.000 300.000 Free traveling rate (0 VND) is applied for customers in Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City
Re-install 200.000 Free 100.000 200.000 300.000 Free traveling rate (0 VND) is applied for customers in Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Note
  •  - Service Level Agreements for filters change: in Hanoi/HCMC
  •  - For changing installation location to new location: customer will transport product, Techician will only responsible for dismantle and re-install product only.
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