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A service from Coway Vina to lease all kinds of product lines including water purifier,
purifier and within 36 months or 60 months.
  • Payment period:prepaid monthly or every 3/6/9/12 months.
  • Free of charge maintenance & free changing filter: executed by professional Cody every 3 months
  • Payment method: Prepaid monthly: Prepaid by bank transfer or auto deducted by credit card Prepaid every 3/6/9/12 months: Only Prepaid by bank transfer
    Rental processing fee (RPF): RPF of each product is mentioned detail in product price list. Customers are required of the 2 following options: - Rental service registration fee will be collected before installation. This fee shall be refunded when the contract expires (after 36mths) or can be used to pay for the last rental fee months - Pre-pass: customer has not to pay this fee initially by signing the commitment appendix of non-cancellation before expiration


Rental fee
Unit: vnd


  • Individual customer
  • Company customer


  • Vietnamese or Korean who live in Vietnam, have age from 20 to 70
  • Monthly income at least 8 millions ( for 01 rental unit)
  • ID card/ passport/ temporary residence card must be valid 6 months at least.
  • Installation address must be same with the residence document (proved in ID card/ Family Register/ Utilities bills,…)

Payment term:

  • Payment method: by bank transfer or credit card. Be noted that credit card must be valid at least 180 days since the first payment.
  • Outstanding for existing contracts: less than 2 times. All outstanding must be clear (if any) before the new rental contract.
  • Apply to all company & enterprise in Vietnam which have the valid BRC.
  • Payment method: bank transfer only.
  • Outstanding for existing contracts: less than 2 times. All outstanding must be clear (if any) before the new rental contract.


• Each individual is only allowed to do authorized payment for a maximum of 1 customer and not exceed 2 rental contracts.
• In case a third party receives authorization makes payment by credit card, that is only applicable when the customer who signs the contract and the authorized person can prove the personal relationship (spouse/paternity relationship).

Document verification apply to 3rd party:

  • ID card
  • Document to prove relationship with contract owner.
  • 3rd payment authorization form (Coway form)
  • Income provement: at least 8 millions/ month. (Salary pay slip of latest 3 months, or bank statement/bank SMS of latest 3 months, or Labour contract). In case the customers pay 12 months in advance or pay by credit card, skip this condition.


• If the customers cancel the contract within 36 months, then Coway Vina will charge the fines as following.
• Will charge the fines as following:
FACV= 8%* left months of the contract *monthly fee (listed monthly price at the contract signing time)
• Note: Customers must pay all the outstanding (if any) while paying the FACV.


• Hotline: 1800 556 892
• Registration: Registration form


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